11.45-13.15    ELICIUM 1


The ERA-EDTA Registry


Chairs: Christoph Wanner, Würzburg, Germany
            Andrzej Wiecek, Katowice, Poland
Fifty years of ERA-EDTA Registry – an instrument for Research and Education

Kitty Jager, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Long term renal transplant outcomes in primary glomerulonephritis

Maria Pippias, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Peritoneal dialysis: decreased use and better outcomes?

Moniek van de Luijtgaarden, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Disturbance of Calcium phosphate metabolism in paediatric transplant recipients

Marjolein Bonthuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Longitudinal association of inflammation markers and endothelial dysfunction markers with left ventricular mass in hypertensive predialysis chronic kidney disease patients

Vianda Stel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The ERA-EDTA Registry – opportunities for future research

Christoph Wanner, Würzburg, Germany


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