17.00-18.30   ELICIUM 1


Young Nephrologists’ Platform (YNP)

Chairs: Markus Ketteler, Coburg, Germany
             Miklos Zsolt Molnar, Toronto, Canada

YNP activities and future plans

Miklos Molnar, Toronto, Canada

Genome-wide association studies in nephrology

Anna Köttgen, Freiburg, Germany

Novel tools to understand and diagnose fibrotic disease
Rafael Kramann, Boston, USA

Young investigators selected among the winners of the awards for the best abstracts
Efficacy and safety of mycophenolate-mofetil vs. levamisole in children with idiopathic
nephrotic syndrome: results of a randomized clinical trial
Biswanath Basu, Kolkata, India
Mesenchymal stem cells induced in vitro generation of regulatory t-cells: a cell-based therapy
to promote transplantation tolerance
Shruti Dave, Ahmedabad, India
Award ceremony


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