15.15-16.45   HALL 2


International Practices and Improved Dialysis Outcomes: DOPPS
Chairs: Kitty Jager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
             Bruce Robinson, Ann Arbor, USA

Extending the reach of the DOPPS program in Europe

Francesca Tentori, Ann Arbor, USA

CKDopps: Improving outcomes in advanced CKD and the transition to dialysis

Benedicte Stengel, Villejuif, France

PDOPPS: Unifying efforts to improve outcomes in peritoneal dialysis

Simon Davies, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Global trends in vascular access use, associated practices, and outcomes

Michel Jadoul, Brussels, Belgium

Have recent policy changes in Europe impacted clinical practice in dialysis?

Jürgen Bommer, Heidelberg, Germany

Panel Discussion

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