ERA-EDTA Registry

Cross-talk in renal epidemiology
Organised in collaboration with the International Seminar on Renal Epidemiology (ISRE)  


PART I   10.30-12.45    E102


National registry work


Chairs: Wim Van Biesen, Ghent, Belgium
            Karlijn van Stralen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Impact of BMI on ESRD outcomes

Mathilde Lassalle, Paris, France (REIN)

Is higher co-morbidity the explanation for the increased mortality seen in waiting list patients compared to renal transplanted patients?

Vibeke Rømming Sørensen, Copenhagen, Denmark (Danish RR)

The Swedish Renal Registry - a source of epidemiological research

Staffan Schön, Jönköping, Sweden (Swedish RR)

Factors associated with survival of type 1 diabetes patients on RRT

Jaakko Helve, Helsinki, Finland (Finnish RR)

Characteristics and survival of kidney re-transplantation

Beatriz Mahillo, Madrid, Spain (Spanish RR)

Measuring what is important to patients – PROMS and PREMS

Fergus Caskey, Bristol, UK (UKRR)

PART II   13.30-16.30   E102



Chairs: Cécile Couchoud, Saint-Denis La Plaine, France
            Marlies Noordzij, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Methods for searching the literature: why and how

Evi Nagler, Ghent, Belgium

Measuring quality of renal care: patient preference and other things to keep in mind

Sabine Van der Veer, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Research methods


Chairs: Friedo Dekker, Leiden, The Netherlands
            Kitty Jager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Methods in qualitative research: exploring the supportive care needs of haemodialysis patients
Katherine Bristowe, London, UK

Methods to compare the effectiveness of interventions in the post-RCT era

Wolfgang Winkelmayer, Palo Alto, USA
Methods to compare cost-effectiveness of interventions
Rachael Morton, Oxford, UK


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